Vehicle diagnostics Loughborough

If you’ve had a warning light come up on your car or it doesn’t seem to want to start, there could be several things causing the problem. And, if you don’t know exactly what that problem is then it can be a pain to sort out. At The Mobile Garage People we offer vehicle diagnostics in Loughborough that can get to the root of the problem and quick.

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Why? Because instead of having to worry about how you’re going to get your car to the garage, to get it checked, we can bring our mobile vehicle diagnostics service to you, wherever you are, and have you back on the road in no time at all.

How we do our engine diagnostics

Using our top of the range vehicle diagnostic software we can carry out a diagnostic check that will work out where the problem is, from your engine management system to your ABS system, airbag system and much more.

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Our mobile car diagnostics specialists carry all the necessary equipment on their vehicles and can find the cause of a range of common problems, whether you’re struggling to start the car, it’s using too much fuel or there’s a sensor fault. Then once the problem has been diagnosed, chances are our highly skilled mechanics will be able to fix it there and then too.

Get the problem solved in no time

Wherever you are in Loughborough when the problem occurs, whether you’re stranded on your driveway, at work, or by the side of the road, our locally based mobile mechanics are often nearby.

With engine diagnostics and vehicle diagnostics it’s easy these days to see where the trouble is, so don’t let a relatively small problem become something much bigger.

To find out what is causing your car issues and get you back on the road quick, give us a call today to see how we can assess and diagnose the problem.

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