What to do if your car has broken down and you have no breakdown cover?

What to do if your car has broken down and you have no breakdown cover?

Has your car broken down with no breakdown cover? You’re certainly not alone.

Many people worry about a breakdown and as a result, choose to pay for breakdown cover these days.

However, some find that breakdown cover is an expense they can’t afford, especially for those who don’t use their car very often, while others might feel it’s unnecessary.

For whatever reason you don’t have breakdown cover and need a mechanic in Leicester, Nottingham or Derby, you might be pleased to know that there are other options available to you if your car breaks down:

  • Find the nearest garage and ask if they do vehicle recovery/towing
  • Contact the Highways Agency if you have broken down on a motorway or carriageway – they can arrange a tow
  • Join a breakdown cover provider straight away
  • Check if you have breakdown cover on your vehicle insurance
  • Telephone a friend or family member to collect you and arrange a tow, or to have your vehicle recovered once you’re home

Call out a local garage or mechanic

When you have broken down at the side of the road in the height of summer, or the depths of winter, it’s a good idea to use your phone to search for a mechanic in your area.

Professional mobile mechanics, such as ours, regularly go out to broken down vehicles at peoples homes and may well be able to fix your vehicle right there on your driveway.

However a lot of mobile mechanics won’t do roadside repairs, in that situation, it could pay to search on Google for the nearest garage that also offers vehicle towing in order to get it to your house before calling your local mobile mechanic.

One thing is for sure, that whatever type of road you are on, you should always put your hazard lights on, leave the vehicle and stay at a safe distance, in case it is struck by a moving car. Also, wear a reflective jacket if you have one when getting out and get passengers out of the vehicle on the left-hand side and to a good distance away. After that, call for help.

These safety precautions become all the more important on busy roads, such as dual carriageways and motorways, where vehicles regularly go past at high speeds.

Fix it yourself?

There are certainly some repairs that you can carry out yourself at the side of the road, such as replacing a tyre, adding fluids like fuel or water, or jump-starting a flat battery.

However, repairing your car yourself is not advised unless you have all the right equipment, are in a completely safe position and know that you can easily be seen and avoided well ahead.

When it comes to a breakdown on a high-speed motorway, for example, fixing a problem yourself certainly is not worth the risk.

Choose us to help fix your issue!

Our mobile mechanic breakdown repair service is the perfect solution for a whole host of car problems across the East Midlands.

Once you’ve had your vehicle towed back to your home or the garage our uniformed mechanics can help quickly and at a price, you can afford.

Get in touch with us today to find out more.

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