Main benefits to hiring a mobile mechanic

Mobile MechanicA car breakdown is never a good thing, but it’s made all the worse when you’re stuck in the middle of nowhere and have no idea how you’re going to get to a garage.

If this has happened to you, then you might be pleased to know that the professional help you need can be there in no time at all. And getting you back on the road quickly, with no towing costs involved, is just one of the many benefits to hiring a mobile mechanic in Leicester.

It’s not only emergency breakdown repairs that a mobile mechanic can help with, either.

It might be that you have a pre-MOT checklist of jobs that need doing before you go through the test, or maybe it’s a service that you require.

The Mobile Garage People offer mobile repairs across Leicester, and this includes every service your local garage and mechanic can provide.  So, here are just a few reasons why hiring a mobile mechanic to repair or service your car can be the best decision you make.

Saves on time

Most of us have busy lives and little time to spare. And whatever car repair or service it is you need, it takes time getting the vehicle to a garage and waiting for the work to happen.

Then there’s also a drain on your time organising lifts to drop your vehicle off and pick it up if you don’t want to wait around.

When you hire a mobile mechanic in Leicester, they can bring the work to you, wherever you are, or, if garage services are required, pick your car up and return it to a destination that you choose. So, no taking time out of your day when you have better things to do and places to be.

Less inconvenience

Once you’ve arranged for a mobile mechanic to come to you and handed over your car details, there’s no more inconvenience involved. This means that you can get on with your day, safe in the knowledge that the work you need is going to done, without any hassle.

You don’t have the inconvenience of putting on friends or colleagues either, because there’s no need to ask them for a lift. It’s so convenient that you can pretty much get your car serviced or repaired in Leicester without even having to think about it.

Great prices

Because of the massive convenience of using a mobile mechanic, you may think that this means the bill at the end will be more expensive, however, when the work is done where you are, there are often lower overheads and incredibly competitive prices as a result.

We also guarantee that our repair service will not affect any manufacturers guarantee/warranty and that your service book will be stamped.

Get in touch today

The friendly and experienced mechanics at The Mobile Garage People are able to attend most breakdowns on site, whether this be at work, on the driveway or the side of the road.

Our mobile mechanic service also includes MOTs and car services. Contact us now for more details or call 0116 312 0256.

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