A quick and easy pre-MOT Checklist

A quick and easy pre-MOT Checklist

Taking your car for its annual MOT is a time consuming, yet essential, task – so if time isn’t on your side, this is where having a pre-MOT checklist can prove invaluable.

Most cars will often fail an MOT because of minor issues that could have been spotted and resolved beforehand. So, if you’re wondering how to optimise the possibility of your vehicle passing its MOT and want to reduce the chances of time spent returning for a retest, there are a few things you can do to get it ready in advance.

A pre-MOT checklist involves some checks that are easy to carry out before you take it to the garage for an MOT in Leicester.

And when you’ve run through your pre-MOT checklist you’ll know there’s a lot less chance of it failing on the small things, that can easily be replaced beforehand, such as a faulty bulb.

Things to check

Here is a two-minute list of items to check are in good working order before taking a vehicle for an MOT. These ten issues should be quick and easy to spot before you go to the garage:

  • Headlights and indicators – all the lights including brake lights, sidelights and hazard lights should be working.
  • Brakes – check for excessive wear of pads or scored discs if you can and always watch out for a vehicle that pulls to the side or makes a funny noise when you press the brake pedal.
  • Windscreen – check for signs of damage (nothing bigger than 40mm or 10mm in front of the driver) scrapes and chips that might obscure vision.
  • Windscreen wipers – check for wear and tear on the wiper blades – they should be able to confidently clear a muddy windscreen.
  • Seats and seatbelts – the driver’s seat should be able to move forward and back, while the seatbelts should do their job when you pull them out and tug sharply.
  • Number plates – are they clean, intact and legal?
  • Fluid levels under the bonnet – check oil, water and screen wash to ensure they’re at sufficient levels.
  • Horn – is it working properly?
  • Have any unusual noises or rattles checked out beforehand?
  • Wheels and tyres – are they secure, is the tyre tread within legal limits and the tyres inflated to the correct levels?

When having your annual MOT carried out, it always makes sense to go with a garage that you can trust to not only make the correct checks but ensure your car is safe on the road for you and your family. They should also care enough to be able to advise you on any issues which might crop up further down the line.

Choosing a local garage means your MOT will be carried out by people who know the local area and are a part of the local community, so there’s every chance your vehicle will be in safe hands.

If you are in need of this annual vehicle check and want a reliable, experienced service you can trust, book your MOT with The Mobile Garage People today.

In the event that you can’t find the time to get to a garage, we can even arrange to have your vehicle collected and dropped back off to you once the test has been carried out.

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