ECU Remapping Market Harborough

Anyone who loves the thrill of driving will doubtless want to get the most out of their car. That’s why so many people come to us for ECU remapping in Market Harborough. It’s not just about performance tuning and more power under the bonnet, there are countless improvements you’ll notice from an ECU remap, once the unnecessary restrictive elements are removed.

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The Engine Control Unit is in charge of your engine’s basic functions, such as engine idling speed, with standard settings imposed by manufacturers to make the cars suitable for roads all over the world.

As cars come off the production line, they come to you with these standard settings, many of which are unnecessary, given the standard of UK roads and servicing. And this is where superchips and car tuning can change everything.

What ECU remapping can do for your car

Yes, you’ll notice more power when you opt for engine tuning, thanks to features such as the increased engine torque and maximised turbo boost. You’ll also benefit from greater fuel economy with ECU programming, which will save you money as well as giving you a driving experience that you’re bound to enjoy.

Our highly experienced team of mechanics know how to get the very best out of your four wheeled pride and joy through engine tuning and using performance chips for cars. And, to make things even easier, they can pick your vehicle up, do the remapping and drop it back off to you when they’re done, with no added transport costs involved.

All you need to focus on is discovering how different and much more pleasurable your car is to drive once your engine remap is done.

Get the most out of your drive with The Mobile Garage People

With prices for ECU tuning starting from £199 you might be surprised at how easy it is to get some top notch results out of your car. And it’s because we’ve been doing ECU remapping in Market Harborough for so long that you can rest assured of the high standards of service that you’ll receive.

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