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Many people want to get the best out of their car, both for economy and performance, but not everyone knows the benefits that ECU remapping in Loughborough can provide. The Engine Control Unit (or ECU) is the electronic component in a vehicle which controls the basic engine functions including fuel mixture and idle speed.

Because vehicles are made in their thousands and need to be appropriate to use on roads all over the world, certain restrictions are placed on them which allow only an average level of performance. In the UK, many of these restrictions are unnecessary, thanks to the improved quality of our roads and servicing available, so this is why people turn to superchips and car tuning to get all round better results from their cars.

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Performance tuning doesn’t only mean that your car will have greater power. The benefits of ECU programming are much more than that, including improvements in fuel economy, ignition timing and valve control.

Benefits of an ECU remap with The Mobile Garage People

When you book your car in for an ECU remap with us, not only will you be making use of our highly experienced specialists who have over 20 years’ experience in the industry, but you will also avoid the hassle of having to take it into a garage.

We can collect your vehicle for remapping and drop it back off to you free of charge when the ECU tuning is done, wherever in Loughborough you are.

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When your car is returned to you, chances are that you’ll notice the difference straight away, with the increased valve control, engine power and torque, not to mention the maximised turbo boost and improved ignition timing. It’s therefore no surprise why people make the most of performance chips for cars.

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With prices starting from £199, we can increase the performance of your vehicle, while saving you money at the same time, so get in touch with us today to find out more.

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