Car Servicing Market Harborough

Whatever the age of your car, it’s vital to get it serviced regularly and we recommend you do it on a yearly basis to keep it in good health, fuel efficient and to ensure you and your family remain safe on the roads.

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It’s not enough to assume that an MOT will spot every problem as there are only certain things that will be checked. This is why many people look to car servicing in Market Harborough in between MOTs so that they know they are keeping their car running smoothly and any problems will be halted in their tracks before becoming costly or dangerous.

At the Mobile Garage People we understand that with the busy lives we all lead it might be hard to find the time to fit in a car service, so that is why we can take all the added hassle away with mobile car servicing.

Our highly skilled team of mechanics will arrange to have your car collected, have the full car service or basic car service completed and it returned to you as soon as possible, allowing you to get on with your day while it’s done.

What does a car service entail?

So, you know the importance of getting it done regularly, but if you’d like to know more, you might be wondering what does a car service include?

As members of the Good Garage Scheme our experienced mechanics are dedicated to ensuring that the work is done to the highest possible standards by using the best parts and lubricants as well as our vast expertise.

The work we’ll do also covers the full car service checklist, which includes checking the effectiveness of things such as wipers, lights, brakes and your handbrake for wear and tear, putting in new fluids or topping them up, replacing any filters and a thorough inspection with a report of all the work done at the end.

And, despite the fact that we make car servicing such an easy thing to get done in Market Harborough, you don’t need to worry how much it’ll be to service your car, because we always keep our prices competitive.

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