Auto electrician Leicester

When a warning light comes on on your car dashboard it can be a worrying thing, especially if you are out and about on the roads at the time and not sure exactly what it means.

If an electrical fault has happened and you’re on the lookout for an auto electrician in Leicester, we can help.

With mobile repairs starting at as little as £59.40 you should call us now on 0116 312 02 56 or request a call back using our contact form.

These days, much of a car’s systems rely on electrics and if an electrical fault or warning light is ignored it can lead to more serious issues further down the line. This is where an auto electrician can give you the peace of mind that you need.

Not only can our car electrician carry out an auto electrical diagnosis, but they can do the auto electrical repair for you too. If you haven’t got time to get to a garage, the great thing about our mobile car electrician service is that we will come to you wherever you are.

Our mobile vehicles are often out and about on the streets of Leicester, so we can be with you, carry out the diagnosis and repair your vehicle to get you back on the road again in no time.

We’ve got the know how

When it comes to car electrical repair, we have industry trained and highly qualified vehicle electricians who really know their stuff. They can carry out diagnosis and repair on all makes and models of vehicle, while maintaining the manufacturer’s warrantee.

All of this they can do at affordable prices, because without the costs of running a garage, it enables us to keep our prices down too.

Get in touch for your car electrical repairs

Keep your worry to a minimum and feel safe on the roads again by calling out one of our mobile car electricians today. We are sure we can get you back behind the wheel and worry free just when you need it most. Call us on 0116 312 02 56 to ensure you and your vehicle remain safe on the road.

For more information call us NOW on 0116 312 02 56.