Tow Bar Fitting Leicester

Do you need a towbar fitting in Leicester? Are you looking to tow your caravan or transport goods using a trailer or attach a towbar bike rack?

If so, it’s vital that they are fitted correctly and in accordance with the correct UK regulations and safety standards for towbar installation - and we can help with our mobile towbar service!

Not only will this ensure your vehicle stays legal, you and your family’s safety will not be jeopardised by ill fitted towbars.

The Mobile Garage People offer mobile towbar fitting & installation across Leicestershire and our qualified fitters offer a premium mobile service starting at only £230. Call Now 0116 312 02 56

Our towbar fitting service will give you peace of mind and ensure that when you take your caravan or trailer on any journey, that it’s not going to be the cause of any nasty accidents along the way.

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Types of tow bars

We can fit all kinds of towbars, whichever is most suitable for your vehicle, including detachable, fixed and retractable bars and tow balls from companies such as Witter and Bosal.

When you need professional towbar fitting our Leicester tow bar fitting & installation service is here to help. Our tow bars are only fitted to vehicles registered on or after August 1, 1998 and are EU approved meaning your vehicle stays legal.

Do you need a tow bar fitting?

As more and more people use their vehicles to transport goods and take caravan based holidays, the demand for towbar fitting in Leicester is on the rise.

If you are someone who this applies to, give us a call today or use our contact form and find out more about how we can get your towbar professionally fitted and ready to go.

We will ensure it is fitted correctly to your vehicle in accordance with the highest safety standards and we can fit all makes and models of towbar to any vehicle.

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If you’re planning on using a caravan or trailer in the future and need a towbar fitting to your vehicle properly, then it’s always a good plan to get it done right by contacting those in the know.

Our towbar fitting team’s extensive experience and knowledge, makes them among the best in Leicester. For more information, speak to one of our fully trained mechanics today.

For more information call us NOW on 0116 312 02 56.