Timing Cambelt Melton Mowbray

When people imagine a car engine, they often think of the pistons and valves working together to create power and enable the car to move. But, more importantly, it’s the cambelt or timing belt which ensures that they move in sync.

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Once this breaks, it can cause havoc with your engine and, as with many things, they are vital pieces of kit which can wear out and snap over time. Drivers are advised to get a cambelt replacement before this happens and that is why anyone looking for a timing cambelt in Melton Mowbray will often come to us.

Easy and convenient cam belt change

If you’re looking to get a cambelt replacement, there’s no need to suffer the hassle of getting it to a garage, as our highly experienced and fully trained mechanics can bring a mobile cambelt change to you. So, wherever you are, we can come and get the work done, while you get on with your busy day.

And if the worst has happened and you need a cambelt repair at the side of the road, our mobile cam belt repair service can be with you in no time at all as our mechanics are often out and about, carrying out repairs already.

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We would recommend that you get a timing /cam belt replacement every five years or 45,000 miles to 110,000 miles depending on circumstances. This way you will avoid the pain of a breakdown which could lead to even further damage.

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But, if you do find yourself stranded on the side of the road in need of a timing belt repair, we can be there to help too. Get in touch with our team today to find out more.

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