Where to get an MOT in Loughborough

Where To Get An MOT In Loughborough

An MOT is an important part of your vehicle’s maintenance, but not only that, it’s required by law. And it’s this fact which means it’s vital to have your car pass its MOT each and every year to enable it to stay legally on the road (not to mention that it can affect whether or not you’ll get insurance).

But, the problem is that, sometimes, taking your car to the garage for an MOT can be the kind of additional headache that you just don’t need when you’ve got a busy enough life already.

When you’re wondering where to get an MOT in Loughborough, this is where all that hassle of sorting it out is taken away by leaving it in the capable hands of our professional team.

Where can you get an MOT?

Not only do we have a team of qualified MOT Loughborough testers, but we can even collect your vehicle and take it to the garage – so there’s no trying to fit the time in and worrying that it just isn’t available.

We take your vehicle to an independent MOT testing station, ensuring that not only does your vehicle receive the highest quality of service possible. But that your results are completely unbiased! It’s this transparency of service that lets us build the fantastic relations that we currently hold with our beloved customers.

All of our testers are fully trained by VOSA (Vehicle and Operator Services Agency). And even if it fails, we can get the repairs done and organise for a retest without any fuss. Of course, this is all done in consultation with you every step of the way.

As well as any problems associated with the MOT requirements, we can also let you know of any issues which aren’t associated with the test, to give you added peace of mind.

Then, once you’re happy, we can deliver it back to where we collected it from, with the job done while you get on with the other things that are making your day busy.

When does your car need an MOT

A car has to pass its MOT test every year after its third birthday. Failing to do this can run the risk of penalties which include a fine of up to £1,000. It’s also impossible to renew road tax without a valid MOT certificate and – of course – may invalidate your insurance, which again is a criminal offence.

Back in the day we used to have to hunt out our old paper MOT Certificates to produce every time we had a new test, but, to make things easier, these have been phased out in favour of a centralised digital database. And it’s also possible to check the MOT status of a vehicle online.

<2h>Contact us about your MOT today!

At The Mobile Garage People, we offer an impartial MOT car repairs service, which means you can rest assured that you won’t pay for any unnecessary parts and labour.

We also recommend that you get your car serviced in Loughborough in between MOTs, in order to keep it running smoothly and offer every chance of you floating through your MOT test without any nasty surprises.

To find out more about our mobile mechanic service and how you can benefit from a whole range of hassle free repairs and services, get in touch with our friendly and professional team today.

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