Turbo Repairs Leicester – Useful information


When you’re on the hunt for turbo repairs in Leicester, it pays to know what you’re dealing with.

You might already know this, but a turbocharger is a component which can be added to a car to increase power using energy from recycled exhaust gases.

Bearing in mind the fact that an engine needs to mix fuel and air to run, turbos force more air into the cylinder, which can be mixed with more fuel to create the additional power.

There may have been a turbo already fitted to your car when you bought it, or you might have had ECU remapping and other work done yourself in order to improve your overall driving experience.

A turbocharger can be typically more fuel efficient than a regular engine (unless you have a heavy foot), but can also be prone to fail if not taken proper care of.

And the turbo in your car can go wrong for a variety of reasons, such as if there’s incorrect turbo boost pressure, blocked engine breathers, cats and diesel particle filters, or if you haven’t changed the oil regularly enough and carbon deposits have built up inside, causing damage.

A foreign object may have got into it, again, causing damage and reducing the efficiency, or it might have simply been subject to wear and tear over time.

Turbos run at immense speeds and operate under huge pressure – as such, if any problems, leaks or cracks occur, it will have to work even harder to run, which in turn will reduce its efficiency.

Turbo problems – the warning signs

With most modern cars these days, you’ll get good warning when there’s a problem before something goes seriously wrong. And with the turbo, it’s no exception (this is the time to get a professional involved in carrying out the necessary repairs).

Warning signs might include the following:

  • Check engine warning light has come up on (obviously this isn’t only for problems with the turbo, so you’ll need to check exactly what the reason is).
  • Loss of power – easily noticed when your car isn’t as quick off the mark as usual, or can’t reach the speeds it used to.
  • Blue/grey smoke coming from the exhaust – more so when the engine is revved.
  • Loud whining noise coming from the engine (this should always be checked out by a professional asap).

At the Mobile Garage People, we can offer convenient and reliable mobile car repairs to your turbo which will be carried out by our highly experienced team. If you need us to, we can also take the job to you wherever you are, to save you taking time out of your busy day.

Have a look at what one of our happy customers had to say:

“We’ve had the pleasure of meeting the Mobile Garage People after my car broke down on the motorway with a broken Turbo. I called around a few garages and none were able to fit in the work as fast as I needed to get my car back on the road.

“However, Michael replied swiftly and also made sure to order parts and carry out the work within a couple of days. I loved having them come to my house instead of me worrying to tow the car somewhere and the staff were friendly, fast and offered a competitive price, clearly bearing the customer in mind. We’ve saved their number and already have arranged for them to come out and do work on our other car.”

If you have any turbo issues, contact us at the Mobile Garage People today, to see how we can help.

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