Why is an MOT so important for your car?

We all realise the importance of staying safe on the roads and just how incredibly devastating an accident can be, but, despite this, you might still be asking yourself why is an MOT so important for your car.

When it comes to ensuring the safety of their vehicle, many can be guilty of waiting until something is glaringly obvious be

fore they get it fixed. That’s because,

with the busy lives we all lead, it might be easy to miss that the tread on your tyres is virtually non-existent or your brake pads have worn down to a dangerous level, until, of course, something happens.

It’s for this very reason t

hat regular checks, servicing and MOT are important for any road user. It’s our own reminder to stay safe on the roads. And each test has a significantly different part to play.

An MOT is specifically designed to not only check car safety for the person driving it, but also its roadworthiness and any toxic emissions its giving off, to help protect other road users and the environment. In an age where global warming is at such a critical level, yet more cars are appearing on the roads, this is something which has become more important than ever.

Why is an MOT Required by Law?

It’s for the reasons above why an MOT is not only a good idea, but it’s required by law. While a regular service will keep your car in good condition and give it a longer running life, MOTs involve many checks (most of which a service doesn’t provide) to ensure that the vehicle is completely safe.

So, from the quality of the seatbelts inside the car, to the engine and brakes, tyres, lighting, signalling, steering and suspension, it’s all covered to ensure you can have peace of mind that the heavy piece of machinery you’re moving in at high speed is a safe one.

The MOT test should be carried out every year after a car reaches its third birthday and is considered to be so important that hefty penalties are imposed on anyone who doesn’t do it, including a fine of up to £1,000. It’s also impossible to renew road tax without a valid MOT certificate and may invalidate your insurance (which can lead to points on your licence).

Now that the paper MOT Certificates have been phased out in favour of a centralised digital database, it’s also possible to check the MOT status of a vehicle online. This is to give people added peace of mind about the safety of a car they’re buying, if it’s over three years old.

Looking for a Mobile MOT Service? Call Us

If you are in need of a MOT or service, but are struggling to find the time to fit one in, then we can help. At the Mobile Garage People we can bring the service to you, by collecting and dropping your vehicle back off to you free of charge from a place of your choosing. So, if you’re looking for a mobile MOT service in Leicester or Loughborough, give us a call today.

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