What is a car diagnostic check?

When there’s a problem with your car, it’s great to know that there’s so much more that can be done these days to discover what’s causing it. Whether an engine warning light has popped up on your dash, or your car just won’t run at all, there’s now a quick and easy way to find exactly what the problem is and it’s all thanks to vehicle diagnostic software.

If you’re wondering what is a car diagnostic check then it’s an excellent way of discovering car problems before they become more serious and costly. The software that is used is able to test a car’s Engine Control Unit (ECU) and scan the various on-board systems, such as ABS, electrics and transmission and by doing so, provide a list of problems and error codes which will tell a mechanic where they should be looking to fix the problem. Newer vehicles carry on board diagnostic software and reporting systems of their own, where problems are monitored, which makes diagnosis even easier.

How will a mobile diagnostic check benefit you?

When asking yourself the question, ‘how will a mobile diagnostic check benefit you’, then the best answer has to be that it’s a speedy, highly accurate and effective way of discovering car problems before they turn into severe and more expensive ones. And you get the peace of mind in knowing that your car is safe to drive on the roads. Common problems which can be solved by a car diagnostic check include idling and starting issues, faults with a car’s sensors and high fuel consumption. Gone are the days of guesswork and trial by error, now a mechanic can get to work on a problem straight away and have you back behind the wheel in no time.

We come to you and cover the Midlands

If a vehicle diagnostic check is what you need, but you’re concerned about how you’ll get your car to a garage to have it done, then you might be pleased to know that our professional mobile mechanics carry specialist equipment on their vehicles which can get to the route of a whole range of issues and have them fixed wherever you are in the Midlands.

This means that we can get out to you and discover and solve what the problem is, without the hassle of getting your car dropped off or towed to a garage.

Get your diagnosis today

Don’t spend time worrying about what is causing your car problems, get in touch with us today and get your diagnosis ASAP.

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