MOT Leicester

A wealth of experience and knowledge, an honest reputation and a great work ethic – precisely what you need from your mechanic. At the Mobile Garage People, that’s exactly what you will find. Available in and around Leicester, Nottingham, Loughborough and Derby, we provide a unique mobile car repair service, saving you the hassle and inconvenience that car failure so often causes.

Take your MOT for example. The professional team of mobile mechanics at The Mobile Garage People completely eradicate the stress and irritation associated with MOT by handling everything for you. We arrange the MOT testing with qualified specialists from the Vehicle and Operator Services Agency (VOSA), before collecting your car and all being well, returning it back to you later that day. Letting us look after everything for you means; no taking days off work, no having to arrange lifts and no waiting around. It’s 100% hassle free.

However, should there be anything wrong with your car, our impartial car repairs team will inform you, translating the mechanical jargon into plain English and then get started; performing repairs to ensure the car passes the subsequent MOT test. We guarantee you won’t pay an inflated fee for unnecessary car parts or labour, and will only be charged for essential work. We will crack on with the repairs before delivering it back to you ASAP.

You only have to read our testimonials and reviews to appreciate the exceptionally high standard of not only our work but also our customer service. Prompt, professional and efficient – exactly what you need when your car has needs an MOT.

Having a valid MOT certificate is the most important aspect of owning a car – it’s absolutely mandatory for every vehicle on the roads. Fines for not having one can range anywhere from £60 – £1000. Don’t delay, get yours sorted today; the easy, affordable way, with The Mobile Garage People.

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