Most Common Car Electrical Problems

Common issues with cars

Car problems can often be easy to spot – with issues such as a slow puncture, hole in the exhaust, or a faulty component making themselves more than apparent.

But when a vehicle’s electrics are playing up and the car just wont work, the specific issue is more difficult to diagnose. (This is where our auto electrician in Leicester can help by using diagnostic equipment to help identify the root cause).

If it’s clear there’s an issue with your car, or your engine light is on and an electrical fault is to blame, it can be for a whole host of reasons. So, when your electrics aren’t working the way they should, here are some signs of common electrical problems to watch out for first.

Car won’t start

It’s quite easy to assume, when your car won’t start, that a flat battery is affecting your electrics, but it’s certainly worth bearing in mind that this could also be a fault with the alternator or starter.

A faulty battery or alternator is one of the most common car electrical problems. When there’s problems with the battery, while these can be down to its age, it’s important to look deeper into the issue, because it can often be that the alternator isn’t providing the battery with any charge.

This lack of charge can lead to a number of other electrical issues, with the headlights or radio not working properly, for example. These kind of problems can end up very expensive to fix if the fault with the alternator isn’t diagnosed straight away.

When the alternator isn’t properly charging the car battery while it’s running, you may notice the engine feeling sluggish, dashboard lights have started to flicker, or your headlight bulbs won’t be as bright.

If the alternator and battery are fine, however, then the issue could be with your starter which is preventing the battery or alternator from doing its job.

Faulty solenoids

Faulty solenoids are another problem which is sometimes misdiagnosed as a flat battery. Solenoids or starter relays are a major part in starting your car and providing the power needed to lock and unlock your doors for example. Likewise, the spark plugs (or glow plugs), which ignite the fuel inside the engine, can can become loose, old, worn down or broken, making it harder to start the car.

Other common car electrical problems can include the following:

  • Lights not working because a replacement fuse is needed.
  • Battery is damaged or leaking
  • Damaged fuses and loose wires
  • Lights are dimming – possibly problems with the battery, alternator or voltage regulator


Get your car electric problems diagnosed

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Our professional and friendly local mobile mechanics can then have the problem fixed and you back on the road in no time at all. Get in touch today to see how we can help.

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