What Is A Dual Mass Flywheel?

You may not have heard of it before, but a dual mass flywheel is the component in your car which makes gear changing lighter and smoother, while absorbing much of the noise and vibrations that you would feel without it.

It’s an important part which connects the engine to the transmission via the clutch. And that’s why, when there are issues with the flywheel, these can sometimes be mistaken for being clutch problems, but there are ways to tell the difference.

Dual Mass Flywheel

Why do they fail?

Well, like many things, this component has its own lifespan so eventually it’s going to stop working as effectively.

As the mileage on a vehicle increases, the damping mechanism can soften and weaken, while other things can have an effect on it too.

This includes drivers riding the clutch too often or a clutch which is slipping excessively, putting undue stress on the flywheel.

Sometimes problems with the flywheel can be mistaken as problems with the clutch. But the way to tell the difference between whether you have clutch or flywheel problems is that if you notice the following:

  • Rattling/ banging noise from the bellhousing (portion of transmission that covers the flywheel)
  • Slipping clutch with no burning smell
  • Vibrations that normally would be minimised by the flywheel

– chances are it’s your dual mass flywheel that has a problem.

Ways to inspect the dual mass flywheel for problems might be to check the friction surface for excessive heat checks and scoring, excessive grease loss due to overheating, or check for visible damage including the ring gear and other parts found inside the bellhousing.

So what can you do?

Once you’ve determined that your dual mass flywheel has a problem and needs changing, you have two options:

Replace the dual mass flywheel, which will restore the vehicle’s stock performance and feel by reducing the vibrations in the driveline and other related vibration and noises, but at greater cost than a single mass flywheel conversion.

Why doing it right first time is essential

As with any vehicle repairs, it’s always a sensible idea to have it done by the experts, this way you can be sure it’ll be right first time, while you and your family will stay safe on the roads.

At the Mobile Garage People, our service means that our experienced mechanics use only quality products such as LUK and Valeo.

And to make life that little bit easier, not only are our parts the best there are, but we bring the job to you, which means wherever you are, there’s no need to worry about taking time out of your day to get the job done.

Get in touch with our friendly and professional team to receive a quote, or to find out more about your flywheel problems and any other mechanical work, vehicle servicing or car repairs that you might need.

If you have any car issues that you wish us to explain in-depth with future blog posts, do not hesitate to get in touch as it is more than likely a problem that many encounter.


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