What is ECU Remapping in East Midlands?

 For anyone who enjoys driving and likes to get the most out of their car, then, chances are, the concept of an ECU remap is something they will be very familiar with.

But, if you’ve only just discovered that there are ways to improve fuel efficiency and vehicle performance, then you could be asking yourself, what is ECU remapping in the East Midlands like?

The Engine Control Unit (ECU) is the electronic component in your car which takes care of basic engine functions such as idling speed and enables the systems and sub-systems to operate. It’s a really important part of the on board computer and when it goes wrong, it can cause all manner of problems.

When cars are built, the ECU is set at a standard level of operation, which means that the vehicle will be acceptable to drive on any kind of road.

But in the UK, our roads are generally pretty good, which makes these restrictive settings unnecessary.

An ECU remap is where a qualified mechanic will tweak these restrictive settings to allow your car to perform to its full potential. They can modify engine function, eliminate restrictive elements and remove many of the standardised limitations enforced by manufacturers. And you’ll notice the difference straight away.

As well as better performance and more economical fuel consumption, we’re talking tremendous improvements in functions such as ignition timing and valve control, increased engine torque and maximised turbo boost.

Why would it need replacing?

If a remap is what you are looking for, simply to maximise the performance and enjoyment you’ll get out of your vehicle, then this is something which can be done without the huge cost of a replacement ECU.

And, to make things even easier, at The Mobile Garage People, we can collect your car for you, do the remapping and drop it back off to you free of charge, wherever you are in the East Midlands.

Our customers find our mobile mechanic services incredibly convenient, as it’s these little added touches which allow them to get on with their day with minimal disruption.

ECU Remapping with The Mobile Garage People

With prices for ECU tuning starting from as little as £250 you might be surprised at how easy it is to get the very best results out of your car.

And thanks to our years of mechanic experience, not to mention our friendly and professional team, you can be guaranteed of great service and excellent results every time.

Give us a call today, or book an appointment for an ECU remap through our online form and start looking forward to getting more enjoyment out of your four wheeled pride and joy.



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