Thinking of buying a used car? Read Our Guide

When buying a car, whether it’s brand new or a few years old, everyone wants to be sure they’re getting a great bargain. Often people prefer a car that is over three years old, as the percentage of the value it holds can be greater after a few years. While the thought of having a new car can be appealing, they can drop in value by almost half in the first year of being on the road. But when you’re thinking of buying a used car, are you aware of all the things you should check before handing over the cash? Read our guide below for tips on buying a used car and be better informed before the test drive.

What to consider before buying

Firstly, take a realistic look at your budget and establish what you can afford to pay each month if you’re buying a used car on finance. Do your research and be aware of what similar cars are going for on the market, so you know you’re getting a good deal. Then, when you go to see the car, you should check the following:

  • V5C logbook – is the registered keeper the person selling you the car? Do the registration and chassis numbers match up?
  • MOT and service history – are these up to date?
  • Does the cambelt need replacing? This can be a necessary, yet costly job, so take a look in the service book.
  • Inspect the car carefully in good daylight – this is the best way to spot any nasty dents, scratches etc.
  • Does the car come with all the extras, such as a spare wheel, handbook and spare keys?
  • Take it for a lengthy test drive and look out for funny noises, whether the steering pulls to one side, if there’s smoke coming from the exhaust and whether it starts ok.
  • Take a good look over the vehicle – is the boot big enough for your needs? Can you fit the family in the car? Is it comfortable? What sort of condition is it in generally inside and out.

What to be aware of

Firstly, always look out for any vehicles which might have been clocked (mileage doesn’t add up with service history), cloned (registration number is different from the one on the logbook), or even worse, cut and shut (two or more pieces of different cars welded together). If you are unsure of how to spot these things, then it is often worth getting a professional eye to look over the car before you buy it. Also make sure of the following if you can:

  • If using cash, always bear safety in mind – only take money to somewhere you know is safe. When in doubt, arrange a bank transfer.
  • Get the terms of the sale agreed in writing.
  • Ask for a receipt signed by the vendor and yourself.

Bought a used car recently and need it looking at?

If you have bought a used car recently and are a bit worried that it might not be everything you were led to believe it was, then get in touch with our highly trained mechanics to give you the peace of mind that you need. We can give you an honest and experienced opinion on the safety of the car and whether there is any work that should be done.

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