Long drive?

Got a long journey coming up this summer? It’s not been long since your car had it’s MOT so you’re thinking it will be fine? Think again!


An MOT and a service aren’t the same!


It is advised that you should have your car serviced once a year or once every 12,000 miles (whichever comes first). Many people have their annual service performed just before their MOT to flag up any issues which may cause the vehicle to fail it’s MOT.

A full service is not designed to repair or replace damaged components of your car and should instead be seen as a thorough maintenance check. It is a good time to spot any issues and repair work can be performed afterwards if necessary. A good service has multiple benefits;

1. Ensures maximum fuel efficiency and economy.

2. A service is NOT the same as an MOT. You need to have both!

3. Prevention is better than cure – stop minor problems from becoming serious and more costly.

4. Thorough clean of all parts ensures superior vehicle performance.

5. Good service history is a great selling point should you wish to sell your car.

6. Primarily because maintenance is the key to preserving your car’s life.


As members of the Good Garage Scheme, The Mobile Garage People are required to complete a 20 point service checklist and all services and repair work are guaranteed to adhere to Industry Standard Service routines, following all the rules and regulations of The Good Garage Scheme Code of Conduct.


What do you get from a thorough car service from The Mobile Garage People?


1.   Replacement of all filters – air, fuel, pollen.

2.   Thorough clean/inspection of vehicle parts.

3.   Replacement of spark plugs and oil change.

4.   Full guarantee of all work and repairs.

5.   Full report of all work carried out


To book your annual car service with us, or to discuss any car issues with our experts, call FREE today on 0800 859 5306.

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