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There are certain things you have to get done legally to own a car, such as a yearly MOT, tax and insurance, while there are things that are important for its maintenance and the continued safety of you and your passengers.

These things might include regular checks on oil levels and tyre pressure, but it’s also important to get your car serviced on a yearly basis too. The Mobile Garage People are often in Melton Mowbray and offer a unique mobile car servicing service, we come to you and service your car saving you time and money!

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Many people look to get their vehicles serviced in between MOTs so that they can have further peace of mind half way through the year. This is because, while the MOT looks at certain checks, it doesn’t cover everything some of the more general maintenance aspects.

When it comes to car servicing in Melton Mowbray our mechanics can get the job done for you as quickly and conveniently as possible. And here are just a few reasons why it’s so important.

Why you should service your car

  • You’ll keep your car in good running order and it will be less likely to break down because of the checks to components such as your brakes and suspension.
  • You and your passengers will be safer in your vehicle because regular servicing spots potential problems before they become dangerous.
  • A regularly serviced car benefits from a longer life.
  • It can save you money – because faults are often cheaper to fix the sooner they’re spotted, while new oil and air filters give you greater fuel efficiency and make your engine run smoother.
  • Your car will maintain its value when you go to sell it because regularly serviced cars can attract more interest and a higher selling price.

Save time and money with The Mobile Garage People

When you need a car service you can save time and money with The Mobile Garage People, because, while we keep our costs competitively low, we can also arrange to have your car collected and dropped back off to you free of charge. This means no wasted time or effort getting to a garage, but instead, the convenience of being able to get on with your day while the work is done.

Book your Melton car service today

To find out more about what’s included with our car servicing or to get your car back to its best ASAP, you can book your Melton car service today. You can contact us or call 0116 312 02 56.

Our experienced mechanics will ensure that every check is made to give you the safety and peace of mind you need before getting you back on the road again. You might also find our news page useful with plenty of tips to help keep your car running.

Looking to go away with the family in a caravan, but dont have a towbar? Ask us about our towbar fitting services when you book your service.

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