Battery Fitting Leicester

Broken Battery

If your car battery dies, it can be particular annoying, especially when you’re left stranded or are already running late for an important appointment. And the reasons why a car battery can die are many.

When it comes to battery fitting Leicester drivers know that help is at hand from The Mobile Garage People if the worst happens, however, there are lots of ways to spot the problems before you have to face a broken down car and dig the jump leads out.

What causes a car battery to die

When learning to spot car battery problems and the need for turbo repairs, it’s a good idea to be in the know about the things that can cause a car battery to die.

These can include the following:

  • A car hasn’t been started for a long period of time or only for short journeys
  • Lights have been left on when the car isn’t in use
  • Car electrics have been used while the engine isn’t running
  • Weather has got so cold that it has drained the battery power
  • A poorly maintained battery
  • Faulty component
  • The age of the battery has made it less effective

Many of the above problems are easy to pre-empt and solve, before they become an issue. For example, if you know your car will be left standing in the cold for a long time, take it for a short run or at least start the engine and let it tick over for a while, every so often.

You can also keep your battery well maintained by checking the water levels and cleaning the terminals to protect them from rust. Remember, a battery that is well maintained will, without doubt, last you longer.

Car batteries on average can last up to seven years, so it may also be time to consider getting it changed.

When to replace your car battery 

The first sign that there is a problem is when your car is struggling to start. You might hear strange noises like simply a click when you turn the ignition, the engine is turning over slower than usual, or you can spot the dashboard lights flicker or dim (the lights will then get brighter when you rev the engine).

The reasons why the latter can be a sign is because cars are built cleverly, and always the first things to go when power is a problem are the things you need the least, such as a car radio, heated seats, electric windows or brightness in your dashboard display.

On some cars the check engine light will come on and, while this can be for a multitude of reasons, one of these is to tell you that you need to get your battery power checked.

Other more obvious ways to spot a problem with your car battery can be if it appears to be swollen or leaking, or there’s a sulphurous (rotten egg) smell coming from it. And, on many batteries now you can also check the fluid level meter to see if it’s running low.

If you need your car battery replaced professionally, get in touch with The Mobile Garage People today.

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