Advantages of choosing a local garage for car servicing

Local Car Service
Car servicing can feel like another task to add to the list, when you already have enough on your plate. Some people may even think that when you have a yearly MOT it’s enough to ensure the safety and reliability of your car. And sometimes it is.

But, while an MOT involves a strict legal checklist of criteria to ensure vehicle safety, roadworthiness and exhaust emissions, it is limited to just that. It doesn’t look out for problems outside the checklist, nor does it include any repairs or replacement parts that are needed. So there is no guarantee that your car is running at its best or will do for the foreseeable future.

While both an MOT and service make similar checks, the service is more thorough and includes the replacement of parts, such as an air filter, spark plugs and battery fitting. This will not only improve the vehicle’s performance and fuel efficiency, but will pre-empt problems before they become more severe and result in a breakdown or costly repairs.

Car or van servicing is, without doubt, essential for keeping your car in the best condition possible, prolonging its life, enhancing fuel economy and ensuring a safe overall vehicle is on the road.

So, we’re back to the issue of finding the time to get to a garage and this is one of the great advantages of choosing a local garage for car servicing.

If you live locally to The Mobile Garage People in Leicestershire, in towns such as East Goscote, Queniborough, Syston, Rearsby, Barkby, Cossington and Ratcliffe, we can help with convenient, local vehicle servicing and repairs.

And even if you live closer into Leicester city centre, such as in Thurmaston or Birstall, you’ll find that The Mobile Garage People are based just around the corner too.

Advantages of local car servicing

As a list, the advantages of local car servicing include the following:

  • Local knowledge
  • Cheaper price
  • Convenience
  • Reputation
  • Better service

Finding somewhere local to service your car means you can ask around neighbours and friends to find a garage with a good reputation. And it’s closer to where you live, which makes it a lot more convenient to get to.

You can also check out local garage reviews on social media sites such as Facebook, to see what others have said before. Nothing beats word of mouth recommendations.

Using a good local garage means you’re more likely to find staff who know the area well and take more of a personal approach to the service they provide.

Because a local garage is so close by, they’ll often arrange to have your vehicle collected and dropped off free of charge too (which means even less time to take out of your day).

As registered members of the Good Garage Scheme, The Mobile Garage People adhere to an industry standard service routine. This includes a 50 point car service schedule, contamination removal from the fuel and oil system, replacement parts, new oil filter and engine oil, thorough inspection of the vehicle and a detailed report of the work carried out afterwards.

We recommend that you get your car serviced once a year. People who use their cars a lot more than usual can also get it serviced every six months to ensure it’s very unlikely to let them down. Look out for warning messages on your dashboard too – this is an important indicator of problems that need to be sorted asap.

At The Mobile Garage People, not only will we come direct to your door to collect your car, but our experienced professional mobile car servicing specialists can work on all makes and models of vehicles and we are able to do this without invalidating the manufacturer’s warranty.

Get in touch today to find out more.

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