5 Reasons to get a Mobile Car Diagnostic

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There’s a whole host of reasons you need to get a diagnostic check. Often, your car isn’t working as it should be and you may not even realise. With our 5 reasons to get a mobile car diagnostic you will be able to spot some of the tell-tale signs that all is not quite how it should be.

    1. Not getting the mileage that you used to out of a full tank?

A high rate of fuel usage is a big sign that your car may need a diagnostic check. Oxygen sensors that check your car’s air fuel mixture may degrade as they get older. This leads them to tell the engine to add more fuel to the mixture when in fact the car doesn’t need it, meaning a much higher fuel consumption than usual.

    1. Car idling too low / too high?

If, when ticking over, your car is revving higher or lower than usual that is a primary reason to have a mobile car diagnostic. It may be a relatively slight problem but it’s often the best indication of an engines health. Common symptoms are a slower than usual idle, or quicker, higher and lower idling.
The cause could be one of a number of reasons, such as a fault in the engines computer which handles the engines running system. The best thing to do is call one of our mechanics for a mobile diagnostic check.

Whether you’re in Leicester, Loughborough or Nottingham we can be there to sort it out without you even leaving the comfort of your own front room.

    1. Diesel Particulate Filtration Systems

A clogged DPF (Diesel Particulate Filtration) system can cause upwards of four figures worth of damage to your car and may be going largely unnoticed on your morning commute. Have one of our mobile mechanics give your car the once over with a diagnostic check and you should catch it early and be able to unclog it. We also offer DPF removal Leicester, Loughborough and Nottingham but this can lead to greater charges in terms of emissions.

    1. Higher than Usual Emissions

DPF removal Leicester leads us neatly onto another reason why you should have a mobile diagnostic check if you suspect something may not be as it seems with your vehicle’s emissions output. You don’t want your car to fail an emissions test and there is a few reasons this could happen. It could be down to a defective evaporative emission control system or a hole in your vehicle’s vacuum.

    1. Starting Issues

The last reason you will need a diagnostic check is if your car is having trouble starting up. Now pretty much everything under your bonnet can give your car trouble starting up so to shortcut the stress of troubleshooting all the potential issues. One of our mechanics can be with you to run a mobile diagnostic check in no time!

Contact us to book a mobile diagnostic check today!

So, car not starting? Failing emissions tests? Simply doesn’t sound healthy? Contact us to book a mobile diagnostic check today and one of our mobile mechanics will be with you ASAP. The problem can be found and sorted with the least amount of hassle for you. You won’t even have to leave your front room! Whilst you’re at it why not get your hands on a brand new towbar today!

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