Gearbox repair replacement Nottingham

One thing that a car definitely has to be able to do is change gear. Whether it’s an automatic or a manual, if you (or it) can’t change gear, unfortunately it means you can’t drive it.

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If you need gearbox repair or replacement in Nottingham, The Mobile Garage People are the ones to call, because we offer a mobile gearbox repair service that will come directly to you and fix the trouble wherever you are.

When the gearbox starts to deteriorate or something goes wrong, it can cause you some real hassle, so it’s always worth getting it checked out by someone who knows what they’re doing. Only problem is, when you’re in need of gearbox repairs, it’s not always that easy to get your car to a garage. That’s where we have the answer…

Mechanic help that comes to you

Whether you’re stuck on the side of the road, or you’re put off by the noises coming from your gearbox and don’t want to try and move your car, we can be there to help in no time.

We aren’t able to repair gearboxes on the side of the road due to the complexities we would need strip the gearbox, repair and then replace.

A highly experienced gearbox specialist can diagnose the problem and if they’re able to fix it, they will do right there and then, because they carry their tools with them wherever they go.

If the problem is worse, then they can also have your gearbox sent away for repairs, or carry out a gearbox replacement if it’s impossible to fix. Our service only applies to only manual cars.

Get your gearbox fixed today

Whether you need a transmission specialist and someone who specialises in manual gearboxes, if your car’s gearbox is playing you up, we can help in the most convenient way.

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