Clutch replacement Loughborough

Is your clutch starting to give you some gip? Have you begun to wonder if your clutch is slipping and are growing concerned about how long you’ve got until it goes completely?

Maybe you have a long journey coming up and are considering clutch replacement in Loughborough before you do. Call us on 01509 590 082 or request call back

As cars get older, parts can get worn and one of these can be the clutch. If you’re experiencing clutch problems, such as your clutch slipping, or it has gone completely, then our Loughborough mechanics can bring you the help you need.

It can be especially worrying when a clutch goes if you are out and about on the roads. Having young family members in the car at the time can make it even harder. It’s because we realise how difficult these situations can be that we offer mobile clutch replacement all over Leicestershire.

Clutch repair with The Mobile Garage People

We can bring a clutch specialist to you, wherever in Loughborough you are when the problems occur, whether you’re stranded at home, at work, or on the side of the road.

Our industry trained mechanics come with many years of experience and can carry out clutch repair, clutch fitting, clutch cylinder replacement and we can even replace the clutch on the side of the road, if that’s what you need. Our prices start from £220 so call us now on 01509 590 082

Let us bring help direct to you

While often we pay more for things to be this convenient, the fact that we are a mobile mechanic service and can come direct to you means we can keep our costs low as there’s no need to pay for the running of a garage. Call us on 01509 590 082 or request call back

Get in touch today to find out more about the mobile mechanic service that we can provide for you.

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